Japanese Grant in cooperation with

       the Ministry Of Education Department 

The Inauguration of the extension building of SIRA School

                              Jericho October 23th 2017 

The School Activities 

Students enjoy playing in Trampoline , Swings and the other games :) :)

The students are using individual educational methods to help them overcome their difficulties.

Happy Valentine Day


The students' visit to the farm which aims to identify plants and the different types of them.  

School student visit to the Civil Defense 

It was a pleasure to have you at SIRA School Jericho.

Thank you for your support and the great invitation 

Mothers day celebration

Celebrating Palestinian Children Day 5/4/2018

SIRA Graduation party

          on 12\5\2018


          Our Activities 

          SIRA - Jericho 

First Semester 2018\2019 

A workshop "Drawing on Glass" 
for SIRA students and their mother's in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.