History of SIRA

The Swedish International Relief Association has been working in the Holy Land since 1968 when SIRA provided therapy and academic services for children with epilepsy and mental disabilities.

In 1992 the Swedish board decided to change SIRA to be a special education school to meet the big need for such a school in the area.  Thiss need came to the surface due to the bad political situation in Palestine which left a lot of children with learning difficulties and social problems.  SIRA school is serving students with special needs, difficult social situations and learning difficulties such as academic problems, weak/short memories, and slow learning.

SIRA school has two branches.  The first one is a school in Bethlehem that helps 70 students between the ages of six and ten divided into seven classes.  The second school is in Jericho and 40 students between the ages of six and nine, divided into four classes.  Each one of the two schools is led by a Palestinian principal and a specialized staff in the field of special education.  In addition to main subjects; SIRA provides music, art and complimentary therapy to those in need.  A social worker provides psycho-social support to students.