About SIRA Jericho

SIRA Vision 

SIRA school believes that it's students have a variety of capabilities within them and the role of the school lies in helping the students establish their individuality by discovering and developing their capabilities.  The school aims to plant the seeds of individuality, independence, morality, and spirituality in it's students to actively contribute to society. 


مدرسة سيرا للتعليم الخاص 

SIRA, a special education school, believes in the existence of a variety of different inherent capabilities in each student . Our role is to detect and develop these capabilities which in turn will help students prove themselves.

SIRA aims to set independent and responsible students, with ideal, moral and spiritual values . This contributes to let students be effective and able to socialize in the community . 

تؤمن مدرسة سيرا للتعليم الخاص بوجود قدرات مختلفة و متنوعة كامنة لدى كل طالب و دور المدرسة هو الكشف عن هذه القدرات و تطويرها من أجل مساعدته على تحقيق ذاته . 

هذا و تصبو المدرسة لإعداد طالب مستقل , مسؤول ذو قيم مثالية , أخلاقية , روحية و مساهم بحيث يكون عنصر فعال قادر على الاندماج اجتماعياً في مجتمعه .