Yes,we can learn!

SIRA Mission

SIRA school aims to empower the children with learning disabilities and dyslexia to actively take part in their society as independent individuals who enjoy their legal rights as stated in international laws. 

SIRA Vision

SIRA school believes that it's students have a variety of capabilities within them and the role of the school lies in helping the students establish their individuality by discovering and developing their capabilities.  The school aims to plant the seeds of individuality, independence, morality, and spirituality in it's students to actively contribute to society. 

SIRA objectives
  • Developing the student's capabilities on the emotional, social, academic, and behavioral levels.

  • Bridge the educational gap between the children with learning disabilities and their peers of the same age in regular schools.

  • Establish a firm partnership with the children' parents to collaborate in order to develop the students' performance.

  • Prepare the students to be able to return to regular schools.

  • Raise awareness among the society to accept children with learning disabilities.

Target Groups

The school provides educational services to students with learning disabilities in the following areas-​

  • Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia

  • Dyscalculia

  • Students with concentration and attention problems

Our Story

SIRA – Swedish International Relief Association is a Swedish Christian ecumenical foundation which has been working in Bethlehem area since 1968. Since its inception, SIRA used to serve epileptic and mentally disabled children until 1992.

In 1992 the Swedish Board decided to change SIRA to be a special education school to meet the big need for such as school in the area. This need came to the surface due to the bad political situation in Palestine which left a lot of children with learning difficulties and social problems. SIRA School is serving students with special needs, difficult social situation and learning difficulties such as academic problems weak / short memories and slow learners.

These students were seriously neglected and badly treated by their schools because the concept of special education and learning difficulties was not familiar in our area. Therefore, they used to mistreat these students which reflected badly on their self-esteem and confidence. So when SIRA started to receive these students it embraced them and provided them with love, care and understanding.

In addition SIRA helped the students through a special educational system designed to help them overcome their problems and integrate them back to their original schools. SIRA even continues to follow its students after their graduation through a social worker who makes follow up visits to help them develop and overcome their problems in their original schools.